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CHALLENGE 001 - submission

Challenge 001: open challenge
Due Date: 11:00 PM CST; Saturday, December 23

Who's uber thrilled? This is our Grand Opening!! C'mon, get crunk excited!!! ..Well, the crickets are enthusiastic, at least. Hear them chirp.

Heh, so as I spazzed about thinking up an easy first challenge, Ann smartly suggested no challenge. (I then proceeded in feeling stupid and growing mushrooms in my closet.) So basically, just make a new Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts music video and submit it to this post. (Comments are screened.) You've got a good, solid 10 (& a half) days from challenge to deadline.

You must be a member to submit.
Beyond that, please go to this post to find
out how we submit here around sqx_v and
check the submission rules at our userinfo!

Have fun video-ing yourselves into comas! n__n We'll be here when you wake up.

THANKS TO OUR NEW AFFILIATES, lyrical_ff & ff_seasonal!!
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