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CHALLENGE 1;; voting

Hi! Thanks to our video-makers. n__n You guys rock. (All four of you, yes I know.) Okay, I was thinking about extending the deadline, but I decided that would make me cry. Because I'm impatient like that. Besides, this is a brand new comm. So, there. Hah. Owned.

Okay.. so!  


game endings


game endings


movie ending; character death


game endings

(01) Voting for your own video is not allowed.

(02) Do not vote for the same video more than once.

(03) If you don't follow the voting guidelines, your vote will be discarded.

(04) Please watch all music videos before voting.

(05) No recruiting friends to vote for you.

(06) Just comment on this post with the video number you think was the best to vote.

Thanks a ton!!!!

...I'm really wondering how my lj-cut shrunk and killed itself. meh. whatever. All is not lost.
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