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Submission HOWTO and Examples


1. make your video. (use Windows Movie Maker, Adobe, etc.) You may add a title at the beginning of your video with the song/artist and footage, if you so prefer. You can also put this information on the beginning footage, but please do not put your name in the video. (Because people who do are uncool, like me.) Obviously, you can use whatever format you want for your titles, but here's an example of what I mean:

2. upload the file to a FILE hosting server, (,, etc.) Doesn't apply to youtube or googlevideo. This is so the voting is anonymous. If there's some reason you can't use these sites, e-mail january_blue.

3. submit your video by commenting on the challenge post.
song: squeenix_vids Random Song
artist: with a cold
footage: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy X-2
warnings: january_blue is an idiot (insert any game/movie spoilers or questionable song content)

4. now you just wait!
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