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Challenge 004!

So you're all probably wondering about the lack of moderator. Well, frankly, so am I. I haven't heard from Noey in a long, long while so I'm thinking that maybe she had a relapse of geostigma or something came up. Due to lack of participation in our last challenge, we're going to just leave it. If Noey wants to come back to it later, then that'll be fine. I would suggest the runner-up - unfortunately, our runner-up is the one missing. XD So!! In a fit of brilliance (or something completely not brilliance at all), I have decided that I will mod it and just pick a quick, new, challenge!! 


Challenge 004: Slow Dance
Special Cateogry: Best Song Choice
Due Date: 11:00PM CST. Tuesday, February 20

Feel free to take that however you'd like to take it. It doesn't mean there has to be a dance involved, just take it slow. Go the sad route, or take the romantic route, or a route nobody thought of yet. 

You must be a member to submit.
Beyond that, please go to
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out how we submit here around sqx_v and
check the submission rules at our

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