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CHALLENGE 4 - voting

We've got some great entries. <3 slow dance. So many entries. -slight drool-

Much thanks to ff_vids!!

SONG: Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
FOOTAGE: Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X & X-2
WARNINGS: song cut short due to the fact it's eight minutes long

SONG: Gochipi Naerida (Piano) - Dubeonjjae Dal
FOOTAGE: Final Fantasy X & X-2
WARNINGS: editing is not slow. i'm incapable; endings

SONG: Angel - Matt Nathanson
FOOTAGE: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
SONG: Morning Glow - Mayuko Aoki
FOOTAGE: Kingdom Hearts 1&2
WARNINGS: endings
[5FIVE] [6SIX]
SONG: Don't Cry - Eryx of Matura
FOOTAGE: Final Fantasy X
WARNINGS: spoilers
SONG: Someday - Celtic Women
FOOTAGE: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
WARNINGS: spoilers

(01) Voting for your own video is only allowed if a legitimate reason is presented.

(02) Do not vote for the same video more than once.

(03) If you don't follow the voting guidelines, your vote will be discarded I will be forced to poke you in the eye and say, "Dude. WTF."

(04) Please watch all music videos before voting.

(05) No recruiting friends to vote for you.

(06) Vote by commenting on this post.

(07) Please vote for the TWO videos you thought were the best in descending order, plus the special category: Best Song Choice.

(EX) Best: [1st choice], [2nd choice]
Best Song Choice: [insert # here]

Thank the voters, taste the rainbow!
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