noellieeee (january_blue) wrote in squeenix_vids,

CHALLENGE 5 - submission

Challenge 005: Quick Time
Special Category: Best Song Choice
Due Date: 11:00 PM CST; Sunday, April 22

Since last time was Slow Dance, I thought that this time we'd speed it up. Choose a fast song and roll with it!

Have tons of fun, you guys!

[x] Only one video may be submitted unless otherwise specified.
[x] All videos must feature only Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts footage.
[x] Only members of this community may submit a video.
[x] Videos should be between about 1:30 and 5:30 minutes long.
[x] All footage must move! Slideshows will not be accepted.
[x] All restrictions or themes must be adhered to.
[x] Putting your user name in your video is discouraged.
[x] Submit a link to download your video with the Song Title, Artist, & Footage used. Also include Warnings or Spoilers.
[x] For more details, check out our userinfo & this post.
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