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squeenix_vids is the first (or so we think- duh nuh nuuuh) Square-Enix music video competition community on elljay.com. There are so many great icontests out there for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts that J.blue thought to herself, Hey! Hey, J.blue, why not one for GMVs? (That's Game Music Videos, for n00bs. ...Haha, newbs. Haha.) She then calmly explained to herself that she could start one and that talking to herself was a bad idea.

It was started, right? And then... nothing. So Ann took it upon herself to be amazingly awesome and advertise! And J.blue forced modship on her.

So born was squeenix_vids.

We're both big video making addicts, and we know a fair amount of others like us. Plus we're all (hugely, tragically, completely) obsessed with Squeenix, so why not?
howto - the process

01) Videos may be previously made, although we would prefer them new.

(02) Only one video may be submitted unless otherwise specified.

(03) All videos must feature only Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts footage.

(04) Only members of the community may submit a video.

(05) Videos may not be longer than 5:30 minutes or shorter than 1:30 minutes. If the song you want to use is in this range, please cut it off and let us know you had to. We'll note this at voting, but although we'll give a warning to viewers, this can take away from the overall effect of the video. Since voters are free to vote for their opinion of the best video, we would advise you to find a song within the set time restrictions.

*if your video is only a few seconds too short or long, we aren't gonna care that much.

(07) All footage must move! Slideshows will not be accepted.

(08) The deadline for submission will be 10 days after the challenge is posted, unless an extension is granted or a special circumstance is applied.

(09) As soon as winners are posted, feel free to post your video wherever you’d like.

(10) All restrictions or themes must be adhered to.
(01) You may only vote for own video if you can give a valid reason as to why your video is better than the others.

(02) Do not vote for the same video more than once.

(03) If you don't follow the voting guidelines (the 2 best videos and a special category), your vote will be discarded.

(04) Please watch all music videos before voting.

(05) No recruiting friends to vote for you.
The winner of each challenge will get a prize! it's not a puppy, so calm down, you. When you win the challenge, you get to choose the prompt for the next challenge. If you don't want to choose or if you take more than a week to respond, the almighty moderators will choose for you! Mm'kay? Kay.
FOOTAGE (×) Unless otherwise specified, must be from:
Final Fantasy: I - XIII; all FFVII spinoffs; The Spirits Within
Kingdom Hearts: I; Chain of Memories; II
(For any others, please ask.)

(×) Some helpful sites for downloading Square-Enix videos:
bluelaguna.net: easy to find Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy full motion videos
filefront.com: all kinds of game footage, but you have to do a bit of searching for it
kh-vids.net: every Kingdom Hearts video you could hope to find
rpgamer.com: some Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts trailers, movies, and previews
torrentspy.com: tons of media here. all kinds. find music as well as footage

MUSIC (×) Although there may be challenges where we give you a specific song to work with or an artist you must choose music from, most times you will be free to use whatever song you want to. When we set restrictions, we will have the songs available for download. When you choose your own, however, you must get the song for yourself.
Click here to see a list of past challenges, voting, and winners.
ff_vids - The Square Enix GMV Archive:
This community is a great place to share your videos that don't correspond to any squeenix_vids challenges. They have held one contest so far and are a great place to check out!

a Final Fantasy icontest with seasonal themes
a lyric-based Kingdom Hearts icontest
a lyric-based Final Fantasy icontest

WANT TO AFFILIATE?: comment on this post.
annjirika and january_blue are your friendly neighborhood moderators. We'll be the ones putting up themes/challenges, voting, and winners. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or poke us repeatedly in the side of the head.

Oh right, and also.. we own you. Just so you know.

annjirika's youtube account here.
january_blue's youtube account here.
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